Day 5: Validation works

Did you think I would not pull it off? Pah! I present to you (with a little pride):


Apart from minor tweaks here and there, coding this took most of my time today.

After lunch I panicked a little bit, because the end was not yet in sight, but then it went faster then expected.. until I needed to wire the UI against plumbing…

A large bump in the road was the question of how I would get the level data to the object controlling the graph?

I started using Unitys built in Event System for some of the things yesterday, and quickly learned there is not even a standard Event Manager. So I built one myself.

Now thats all great as long as you only want send out a ping. But lifting that up one notch to sending a Object did not work out right away, and I did not want to waste time doing that. So I did what I needed to keep my commitment, and wired the components against each other manually. I guess in a larger project this would not be desireable, but for me and the size I am going for, I hope to come out just fine with a simple system, and a little hardwired stuff here or there.


A level with disallowed trains.

So.. the first feedback for the given solution is there: the user can see, if the train comes into the goal with the requested stations or not.

I am not sure about the icons around that yet. For the disallowed trains, do I want a “green Check”, when it would be possible for a train to make these stops, or do I want the “red crossed” icon then? And the other way around.

What do you think?

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