Train Automaton

Train Automaton is TheNerd Automatons first game.

A railway puzzle game where you are the designer of a railway system. Each stage gives you more challenging routes to fulfill with your layouts.
A robot Automaton Interactor will be at your side handling the dirty work of conducting the steam trains, so you don’t need to sweat and cough shoveling coal into the firing chamber – designing the railways will make you sweat enough already! If there is a path for the request, he will surely find it! But take care about your pesky competitors: They might reuse your track layout for their own train services. So plan your tracks such that there is no use for them!

– A assistent robot called Automaton Interactor (AI – ok not a real AI)
– 36 levels (and more coming soon)
– cute steamtrains rolling over your railways automagically once you have completed the stage.
– beautiful pixelart 4-bit graphics
– Spanish, German and English support