Back after a while. What happened? Whats coming up?

Its already 8 month since the last post. Month that passed quickly. Since January I am working as an official freelance software architect in a scrum team for my customer.

However there are some ideas that I can now finally pursue with this channel meaning that updates are going to come again soon.

Topics I am interested will continue to be game design and development related topics, but I currently not see myself as a full game developer, and clicking a unity prototype game together probably does not make me one.

So here are the topics that will be shown here:

– Game ideas

– Code Samples for specific implementations of ideas (in C# for Unity based code, but Java, Groovy,  JavaScript and Python are and probably will stay my stronger languages)

– Thoughts on the software development process, focussing on agile processes, development and team related techniques and issues.

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