Mid of week 4: A game is getting made

Ok. Four weeks ago, I would not have thought to get a real game out in 4 weeks. This Friday is approaching fast, but I feel it is very possible to get the TrainAutomaton out on GooglePlay and itch.io this Friday. Today, I will finalize the second and third level pack, and if time is left, invest in my artwork. Tomorrow is there to prepare a youtube trailer and some Splash Screens for the project pages in said stores, and Friday is all about trying to get the stable build into the store.

Yesterday in the evening I already made an itch.io Account. Its a pretty cool page, so I hope to get some input there by my friends.

I will go into an open beta mode with this launch and only tell my friends about it. I hope to have enough credit with them, so that they still like me afterwards, and maybe like the game. Maybe a short questionaire would be nice…


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