Transformations and Personal growth

This must be the thousandth time, I came here again after a while to post something, but I hope the next post will not be too far in the future. This post is more about myself and my current life situation and not directly related to software development. However, I believe, that personal growth and mental health are important for everyone of us working in the IT industry.

So I moved to Japan with my wife, and I am currently working on opening up income possibilities for my self, which may be a employed position, or if that does not work out, finding ways to continue generating income independently from where I live.

Another reason why did I not write much, is maybe related to things not working out as easily as I had hoped. The work situation admittedly has been dragging me down for a while now, and if I am honest to myself, it probably started before we moved here, but its hard to pinpoint a real starting point. Getting into my mental health situation is a bit of a longer story that might come some other day.

However, since almost two months now (starting 2021-04-08) I commited myself to wake up at 5 every morning for what is called “the miracle morning“. A kind of ritual, to start your day on a positive note.

Since then I have missed just a single day, which was when we were on trip to Sendai, and the hotel room was to small to perform my ritual comfortably and be mindful of my wife, who was initially a bit doubtful whether or not waking up so early was one of my best ideas, but has been supporting me .

screenshot of my health app showing may 2021 result of 108km from running

Last month both of us added a second ritual, which I would have never thought I would enjoy: We are making it a system or habit to have our 10000 steps in before 10 AM (we call it “10 vor 10”), building up on the one positive thing that corona started for us, which is the somewhat irregular going for a run feeling: Since March 2020 we went out for shortish runs – probably around once a week if I am being generous to myself, and less if I am being honest.

This is the total result of our last month May 2021. To make it to work at a reasonable time, we decided, to try “10 vor 10” mostly with a 5km runs on most mornings, and complete the rest the way to work. We missed maybe one day per week for whenever there was a lot of other activities planned, but took morning walks instead.

I had never thought to be able to do this, but here I am at 108km of running in a single month, feeling physically healthier than I have for a long time, happily bragging about forming some probably not too bad rituals for my life.

But what now?

I believe that I am incredibly blessed to perform tests on my on life without much restrcitions, and that this makes it currently possible for me to experience personal growth and becoming a better software engineer. Where it takes me, is not yet sure, but I want to continue to explore what life has to offer and write about it occasionally. I was a software person, and I still am and will continue to be. But I want to be a happy software person, and the best version of myself I can be.

I hope to start a different long term project in the near future, but the final idea is not yet decided. How I get there, is maybe part of some future blogposts here, and other media, whereever the specific content makes sense to share. I am looking forward to the next steps on my journey.

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