Week 3 End.

Today was the final day of week three. I am happy with my progress, although I think I am not exposing the Train Automaton enough to other people.

My wife gave me some feedback on the tutorial levels I was working on today, and I showed the version some friends. If you want to test the game, I can provide an apk or windows version, just get in touch.

To the stuff I have:

Tutorial levels:

This week I decided to reduce the user features in the initial level pack to only designing the layout of the tracks. The levels will consist of not only requested trains, but also a fix number and positioned buildings. This opens some interesting design avenues, and I was building levels during this afternoon.

I find it quite hard to get a difficulty curve that is not too steep, but in the current iteration, it is getting better.


Also, for a tutorial, some dialog system seemed necessary, so dialogs

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