Day 16: Reset Button and other animations

Make the user reset, not regret.

Today I wanted to stop the user from accidentally resetting his solution, since I noticed players would sometimes do so. In my first iteration, I would have a normal menu like popup. But that seemed very intrusive.

So I came up with the idea of adding a little animation to the button, that shows the user a “red button of kaboom”.

Do you really want to destroy your solution?

Other animations.

afterwards I was working on the animation to clarify a train cannot leave the level without missing his goal. Since there is a potentially large number of stations, that fulfill a request along the list of requests, I added checkmarks to the stations that are ok. But then it gets a little bad. How to show, that there is no other way from the last possible and desired step? I am still not sure, but I will see, what I can do..

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