Day 15: Full Steam ahead

This week starts with steam! I iterated over the train animation, and now little clouds apear near the train. Also the train now has a coal waggon and a car.

ChooChoo! The train rides with wagons and steam.

I actually did try to animate the waggons each on their own, but that was a real pain:
The animations where never in sync, no matter what I tried. The engine would end the animation of the current tile, while the other ones where not even close to finished, or sometimes it was the other way around. That was not due to all of them “starting” on a tile at different times though…

So now I have 12 animations: for each direction d in (left, right, straight) there are 3 with (d,d’) and one “standing” animation, that fills the frame when moving from one tile to the next.




Finishing up open threads

Last week I left with a scoring screen, that still presented Todo values to the user. I wanted to get rid of this, so I also implemtented the initial counting of number of towns, rails and switches, that I want to use later on for a rating of the users solution. An interesting feature I see coming up in other games is a “world best list” where you see your solution against others. I would like to have something like this, but its certainly not the most important feature.


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