Day3: UI Design

Today was a travelling day. Since I will get closer to the verification of the user solution soon, I needed to think a little about the rest of the UI, and where to put everything. So the train was a good time for that. In the current version I have 4 Buttons on the left side, that I think are essential:

  • Top Left: Hamburger Menu Icon to get into the menu dialogs
  • Top right: Reset the level
  • Bottom left: delete a tile
  • Bottom right: Checkmark Over to verification phase

maybe I could also have another one to undo the last action, but space is already to tight…

upgraded UI with a working reset button.


That leaves me with space for a 8×8 grid of 24×24 pixel squares for the task area. I am not yet sure if that works out or is too small, but I am eager to find out in the next days.

tasks and control
Looks a little too crowded now. What do you think? Note that the levels will not always fill the full 8×8 grid.

Programming wise not much has happened today. I only managed to integrate the reset button. The board is actually a Unity Tilemap, and I extended the TileBase with a custom RailTile. RailTiles have link to a Building, which is handling the click event and everything. I am not sure if it was a wise desision to do it like that and not simply add another Grid on top, but I will fare forward. It seems easier to get the data I need for the graph that way.

Graphical Style

So now the hard question. Is 16 colors enough for the whole screen? Can it be made interesting without looking to bad? I like the appeal of the pixel art that was made with this palette (see for yourself ) but I feel like I lack the skill to make it look nice. There is definitively some polishing to be done.. but not now.

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